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Study In Malaysia

Capital                       –Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya (administrative)
Largest city              –Kuala Lumpur
Official languages –Bahasa Malaysia
Official script          –Malay (Latin) alphabet
Recognized languages –English

Religion groups

Malay           – 50.1%
Chinese        –   22.6%
Indigenous  -11.8%
Indian          -6.7%
other            -8.8%

Religion               – Sunni Islam (official)
Currency             – Ringgit (RM) (MYR)
Date format       – dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the     – left
Calling code       – +60
ISO 3166 code   – MY
Internet TLD     – .my

Malaysia is a truly unique country in both its citizens and its landscapes. if you want to choose to study in Malaysia you will find that the countries natural beauty extends way beyond its ancient rain forests,national parks and glorious beaches. In malaysia there is plenty to keep all the senses occupied ,from color full and varied markets to the mosques, Buddhist temples and Hindu shrines that are often found side by side and the profusion of annual festivals celebrating both traditional and modern aspects of Malaysia culture.
Malaysia is one of the world’s most politically stable countries, Malaysia may be second to Singapore in terms of regional  economic clout, but it offers a much more organic lifestyle than its city-state rival. One half of the country,  situated on the southern tip of the peninsula below Thailand, is known as Peninsular Malaysia.  This is where the highest ranked universities in Malaysia can be found, along with the most diverse and vibrant urban areas.  The other half, Malaysian Borneo, shares an island with Indonesia and remains the quieter of the two halves,  offering solitude, authenticity and jungle life.

Universities in Malaysia

Part of Malaysia’s plan for higher education expansion is in welcoming international branch campuses,
which are run by universities based in other countries. Existing branch campuses include those operated
by the UK’s University of Nottingham and Australia’s Monash University.

Malaysia’s investment in branch campuses can be seen in the new EduCity development in Johor, at the
southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia, just 5km north of Singapore. Due to be completed in 2018,
this a 350-acre campus will be shared by eight international branches run by leading universities from
around the world. These include the University of Reading, the University of Southampton and Newcastle  University Medicine, all hailing from the UK, as well as the Netherlands’ Maritime Institute of Technology,  Singapore’s private Raffles University and the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts from the US.
But, while the growing presence of overseas universities in Malaysia is broadening the country’s higher
education offering, its home-grown universities should certainly not be overlooked.

1. Universiti Malaya (UM)

This is the higest ranked and oldest univesities in Malaysia.
Rank – 146th
location – central Kuala Lumpur.
No.of Students- 17,000 including 3,000 international postgraduates students, Universiti Malaya has been  steadily growing its multidisciplinary reputation, appearing in the global top 200 for 14 of the subjects  covered by Subject 2015. It ranks within the world’s top 150 for computer science,
engineering and education.

2.University Technology Malaysia (UTM)
Rank   – 303
location- Johor Bahru
University Technology Malaysia specializes in technical studies and offers a comprehensive engineering division.

3. University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Rank           – 312
Location   – Bangi, Selangor approx. 35km  south of Kuala Lumpur city
Students Population –  22,600
Programe Offers- politics, Engineering, law and Mathematics

UKM also has a graduate school on its main campus and also a medical school located in the suburb of Cheras,  with a branch campus within the capital.

4.  University Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Rank   – 331st

5.  International Islamic University Malaysia
Rank – (551-600)

6.Universiti Teknologi MARA – UiTM
Rank- (700 – 800)

7. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
Rank- (701-800)

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Source of information from- topuniversties.com and wikipedia.

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