Engineering in Sound

Engineering in Sound are the ones who understand the importance of sound track and how it relates with the visual images. The career requires both technical knowledge and well-developed aesthetic sense and creative sensibilities .

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What is Sound Engineering ?

Sound Engineers or Audio Engineers often work in music and film industries , radio and television channels as well as during live performance – to record ,mix, reproduce and manipulate sounds using equalization and electronic effects. They are concerned with mechanical and technical aspects of sound and music. They are the ones who place microphones at the appropriate places on the stage,set levels of audio equipment and technical instruments and turn pre-amp-knobs. They are also ones to add music and sound effects (often using creative technology and ways ) to various shows,sports games, corporate events and even computer games.

Sound Engineers basically improve the quality of music and speech during live shows or in a studio. They also develop new audio technologies and advance scientific understanding of sounds that are audible to human ears.

Many sound engineers work full time at theaters , television and radio stations , live performance venues and film studios on a permanent basis but there are some who works on a freelance basis . They often work long and irregular hours to accommodates hectic shooting schedules and pilling up deadlines .

Who are eligible for these Courses ?

Students who have appeared for their Class XII board exams with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as their subjects can opt for Bachelor degree or Mater degree in Sound Engineering , Audio Engineering or Acoustic Engineering.

Starting Salary for fresher in this field is around Rs. 20,000 to 30,000.once you prove your worth ,there is no limit to what you can earn in this field .

Career Options and Remuneration

India is one of the biggest producers of movies in the world . Unlike Hollywood or Word Cinema ,Songs and Dances play a big part in India Movies.In fact , many movies do quite well despite a week script or direction -just on the strength of their music . Naturally selling music and audio rights is seen as a major revenue source by film producers.

In an industry , where sound and music is so important ,the role of sound Recordist or sound engineer automatically becomes one of the key functions .Sound Engineers may done many hats, such as:

  1. Designing and setting up sound recording studios with right ambience , aesthetics and of course,acoustics.
  2. Equipment maintenance and servicing.
  3. Handling sound system during live events held outdoors.
  4. Producing software for broadcasting ad-commercial or commercial documentary films etc. in radio channel .
  5. Sound an d Music Recording.
  6. Sound Designing (or giving sound effects in films ,TV shows ,plays, animation or computer games)
  7. Sound engineering for live shooting of movie or TV program.
  8. Sound Mixing for Dolby DTS Surround Sound Effects.
  9. Sound recording in Radio Stations or FM Station etc.

Professionally trained sound or audio engineers can find jobs in film and multimedia organizations , recording studios, TV channels, CD production units, animation studios, advertising firms etc.

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